I'm no longer sick! Followers of the epic and action-packed previous blog posts will be excited to know that this week is even more exciting: I ate tacos!


No, seriously, that's what I'm talking about this week. After traveling several thousand miles (several thousand kilometers) to France from the U.S., I took advantage of their great food and ate... tacos. But not just any tacos. French tacos. There's no point in dragging it out anymore, they're basically burritos:

I ordered the Menu Étudiant, which for just 5€ along with proof that you're a student gives you a medium "taco" and a boisson of choice (I chose a Lipton Peach Iced Tea). The "taco" admittedly tasted pretty good, I chose marinated chicken as the meat and barbecue as the sauce, which they spread on the inside of the burr- I mean, taco. In addition, inside the "taco" they stuffed french fries, rice, and cheese. Not too bad, and it did feel a little like home with the french fries, cheese, and barbecue sauce.

The taco place has a rather unique name: "O'Tacos." And the name reflects my general opinion of the place: it's an identity crisis. It's a taco place with an Irish name in France, and to top it all off they have pictures of New York on their walls. And on their sign they included "Really Serious Food" (not translated from French). In all fairness, I looked up the history and it turns out that they expanded into locations around the world in places like New York, so the pictures started to make sense.

The next day, I had a quesadilla for lunch, from a taco place that actually serves what every American would call a taco. I didn't take a picture, but the chorizo, salsa verde, and cheese tasted great, and trust me, if I had included a picture, that would only serve to make you jealous. It was great!

I definitely preferred the quesadilla (which can't be directly compared to a taco, but the name can: Taco Taco is much better than O'Taco) over the "taco," but if I was near an O'Tacos and was hungry, I have to admit it's a safe bet for a good lunch.


Given I've only been feeling well enough to leave the house for two days, there's no way I could have done any sightseeing. Kind of. I did spend some time at the Musée des Beaux Arts (Museum of Fine Arts) on a class field trip, where I snapped a couple pictures before leaving after about an hour.

There's no particular significance to these paintings over the others, I just liked them. The museum is a good afternoon activity, with rooms upon rooms of paintings and sculptures.


As one might imagine, spending was low this week. No visiting the doctor, no medicine, just a little food.

  • The previously mentioned 5€ for a medium "taco" (plus free drink) on Monday
  • 7.10€ for the quesadilla Tuesday

A very low total of 12.10€, with again no chocolate to deduct. I'll have to fix that next week. Don't worry, I have a plan!


It's good to be back! I plan on eating food other than tacos for the rest of the week, so next week's post should be a little more interesting! In a place like Lyon, a taco does almost seem like a waste of a meal, because while you can find a great one, it will still pale in comparison to the wide variety of other food everywhere around you. See you next week!